Caroline Bren

These pages crackle with a mysterious sheen.
Links, pictures, and words, appear on my screen
And fill my mind with strange fantasies and dreams.
But beneath it all, I wonder what it really means?
Could it all be just a code, spat out by some strange machine?
Or is it all made by a real, living being?
Who made this twisted web, and what is their intention?
Who can solve this riddle, and give me some direction?

For the questions you ask, there might not always be a reaction
But consider with great care, and you might find satisfaction

Welcome friend! Some how you have managed to find my little corner in the maze of the web. Well... here you can find info about my activities, pictures of me, and you can even stay and have a glass of tea.

What is life? Well, for me life consists of my job as an artist, queer militant, and explorer of the universe. In what little spare time I manage to find, I read science fiction and fantasy books, dungeons and mysterious forces really turn me on. I collect pewter figures and study the mystical side of life. Everybody should be well balanced and worship Nature as much as whichever Goddess they choose to worship.

We make our own reality, nothing is as it appears. Just as you can percieve something as evil, you can just as well turn a toad into a prince with a little imagination. Think it, will it, and it will be!

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Pride intervention June 2012

At the graveyard

My published works

Planet of the maidens

Smoke signal #4, April 2010

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Watashi no monogatari

Kakuh, September 2010
Plot against the giant

Mini zine December 2011
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The maid of all work, part 1

Weird #1, December 2011
The circle is everywhere in nature

Smoke Signal #12, April 2012

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Suspect Device #2, April 2012

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Art will be in the Suspect Device show, Sept. 2012 @ Andromeda, Boston

Clean Streets

Sock #2, April 2012

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